TerraSAN 3720 – Festplatte hat den Status “Leftovr” bzw. “Leftover”

Die Festplatte mit dem Status “Leftover” ist nicht defekt. Diese leuchtet zwar rot ist jedoch nicht defekt. Um die Festplatte wieder benutzbar zu machen, muss der Metadata der Festplatte bereinigt werden.

Hier ein Auszug aus dem Handbuch:

Clearing disk metadata

Only use this command when all vdisks are online and leftover disks exist. Improper use of this
command may result in data loss.
• Do not use this command when a vdisk is offline and one or more leftover disks exist.
If you are uncertain whether to use this command, contact technical support for further assistance.
Each disk in a vdisk has metadata that identifies the owning vdisk, the other members of the vdisk, and the
last time data was written to the vdisk. The following situations cause a disk to become a leftover:
• Vdisk members’ timestamps do not match so the system designates members having an older timestamp
as leftovers.
• A disk is not detected during a rescan, then is subsequently detected.
When a disk becomes a leftover, the following changes occur:
• The disk’s health becomes Degraded and its How Used state becomes LEFTOVR.
• The disk is automatically excluded from the vdisk, causing the vdisk’s health to become Degraded or
Fault, depending on the RAID level.
• The disk’s fault LED is illuminated amber.
If spares are available, and the health of the vdisk is Degraded, the vdisk will use them to start
reconstruction. When reconstruction is complete, you can clear the leftover disk’s metadata. Clearing the
metadata will change the disk’s health to OK and its How Used state to AVAIL, making the disk available
for use in a new vdisk or as a spare.
80 Using system tools
If spares are not available to begin reconstruction, or reconstruction has not completed, keep the leftover
disk so that you’ll have an opportunity to recover its data.
This command clears metadata from leftover disks only. If you specify disks that are not leftovers, the disks
are not changed.
To clear metadata from leftover disks
1. In the Configuration View panel, right-click the system and then select Tools > Clear Disk Metadata.
2. In the main panel, select leftover disks to clear metadata from.
3. Click Clear Metadata. When processing is complete a success dialog appears.
4. Click OK.

Um das Laufwerk wieder benutzbar zu machen, wie folgt vorgehen:


1.) Webseite des SAN’s aufrufen
2.) In der Konfigurationsansicht auf den ersten Punkt klicken (XXXXX DH3720)
3.) Auf der rechten Seite auf “Tools” –> “Clear Disk Metadata”
4.) Festplatte auswählen und auf “Clear Metadata” klicken.
5.) Danach die Platte z.B. als Hotspare definieren.

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